About Us

Company History

DED USA LLC was created to provide Military and Law Enforcement a cost effective, realistic, and safe reality based training solutions. We believe in what we do and have been developing, producing, and selling non marking weapons & non marking biodegradable ammunition for over 15 years.  Our enhanced Non Marking Ammo is manufactured to conform to the biodegradable process approved by the USA Department Of Natural Resources, WA. Our proprietary ammo was developed to meet the ever more demanding environmental specification of Military and Law Enforcement Training (MILE-T) and at the same time reduce the costs of their annual training cycles. Our Non Marking ammo is the first truly biodegradable ammo that’s backed by a U.S. laboratory. Combined with our Non Marking Weapons we have created the world's most accurate and realistic training system. 

Non Marking Training Weapon

We offer a variety of dedicated Non Marking Training Weapons in both pistol and rifle variants. Our accurate, realistic, and durable training weapons combined with our proprietary non marking ammo provide "the world's most accurate and costs effective solution" when  compared to using other projectile based training systems such as SESAM / Man Marking Ammo. 

Our Non Marking weapons and Biodegradable ammo is currently being used by various state and federal agencies.